Friday, 8 January 2016

When it doesn't go quite as planned

Well hello,

Sorry I haven't blogged this week, after being really good and doing my meal plan for the week I then went down with an illness with fever that lasted 4 days and by Wednesday turned out to be a bad case of tonsillitis, after a trip to the doctor's I'm now armed with all manor of painkillers and antibiotics and throat spray.  I have been unable to swallow or speak,  the antibiotic's are kicking in now and fixing those tonsils because I finally feel like a human being again and I can speak again (yay that bit has been the hardest, you don't realise what you are blessed with until its taken away from you).

I came downstairs this morning and there was a fair bit that needed sorting out (housework) so its on a list and will be tackled in clumps over the weekend.  The last time I spent best part of a full week in bed ill I was expecting Peaches (8 and half years ago) and had flu, I'm so glad it doesn't happen that often.

We have been in survival mode this week as I like to put it,  as long as everybody is fed, watered, clean and has clean clothes the rest will wait until I'm better.  My parents have been stars once again with their support, thanks it is much appreciated.

Everyone has little bolts out of the blue like this don't they, the joys of life but they always come at the wrong time.

A little positive came our way today my littlest, Pixie has been awarded a certificate at school for her reading, we are all really proud of her for doing so well. 

Right I'm hoping that's it for illnesses now surely I've had my lot now.

How has your week been