Sunday, 28 February 2016

Educational bargains

Weld hello,

Today I thought I'd share with you something a little bit different.  As you know I like to be involved in my children's lives and we do all sorts of things together.  I also like to do educational things too, I thought I'd share with you some of the bargaineous educational places I go to get my supplies.

Firstly I use the library for books, each child has a card and you can borrow up to 15 books on each ticket. (I've never had that many at once as I can't carry them all home lol).  I read with my children at home and they read to me too.  They of course get to choose the books, this could be anything from fiction to a book on something they are learning about at school e.g. the Vikings or about another country.  The library is free to join and often holds holiday craft sessions at £1 per child for 2hrs, the kids love it.

I have found Maths, English, Science and French books in the £1 shop these retail at £5.99 each (in big retailers) and are by Letts.  We have used the English and Maths ones and found them really helpful.

I found the reusable (fill in with whiteboard pen) telling the time book (pictured below) ideal for Peaches and Pixie who are still learning to read a non digital clock.  This book cost me £1.99 in B and M bargains, Retail Price £7.99 in most big retailers.

I use the internet to find free colouring in pages based upon a theme (currently Easter) as we are learning about it in school and Church.

B and M bargains do a good selection of writing materials as well as drawing and craft supplies.

Anybody else know of good places to buy bargains for homeschooling?


p.s. This is not an endorsed post.

Our weekend

Well hello,

Yesterday saw us in town and I collected Peaches' prize a doll outfit (shown below) if you get a certificate at school in this house you get treated with a prize of your choice up to a certain monetary value.

I've also photographed below the crafts that Peaches made at Thinking Day, she had a fantastic time.  Today has mainly included baths and showers all round, fighting the ironing pile (all work and school clothes ready for next week yay).   I have also dug out under Pixie's bed, I haven't had chance to tackle Peaches' bed yet (shakes lol) and I have decluttered a ton of swimming inflatables e.g. arm bands and rubber rings.  These items have all been outgrown by my girls now and no longer serve a purpose to us.  Tomorrow I shall be having a good Hoover underneath that bed and then I shall hopefully be able to make a start on the other bed.

How do you spend your weekends?


Saturday, 27 February 2016

Another week has flown by

Well hello,

This week once again has flown by, we have had yet another case of illness my poor Princess has come down with tonsillitis and been off school for most of the week, thank goodness I am blessed with a supportive family who have helped my with the school runs and childcare of my poorly poppet so I can go to work, I am very grateful for their help.

Pixie has been working hard at school she has had stickers everyday this week for her work at school and Peaches (the brownie) has got a certificate for her maths work.  Today she has been to the Thinking Day celebrations and had a day of fun with the other Brownies.

It has been so cold this week, I've Put some morning views from outside my windows below.  I have been meaning to blog all week, however life has been hectic and taken over.  All washing and housework has been done, everybody has been cleaned and fed, no decluttering has happened though I've been to busy in what I call survival mode.  Princess is feeling much better now her medicines have kicked in.  Times like this make me realise how lucky we are to have access to medicines and healthcare.

Anyway I'll leave you with a few pictures from the week.

Have fun


Sunday, 21 February 2016

Hows the reducing stuff thing going I hear you ask

Well hello,

Thought I'd do a little update.  As you know I'm trying to reduce the amounts of stuff that we own and do not use in this house.  When we first moved in here this was the first time we had ever had a place of our own and other than a few bits given to us e.g. sofas, kitchen items and our newly bought white goods and bed.  We had nothing and our decent sized 3 bed terraced house that needed tons of work doing on it seemed a massive space.

Nearly twelve years later a fair bit of house renovation, three children, 2 rabbits ( sadly no longer with us) and 3 cats the house was beginning to feel a bit too full, cluttered.  I started by getting rid of the baby equipment when Pixie no longer needed it, followed by outgrown toys and clothes.  Then came my wardrobes (I still have more of this to revisit as I am now ready to let go of things unworn for the last decade.  I then took on the shoe cupboards again anything that doesn't fit, hurt feet, couldn't walk in (flat shoes and flip flops).  I now have one shoe cupboard and one shoe rack so I feel we are getting their after all there is 5 of us.

I am now left with the list I posted a little while ago of the other sections of my house that need tackling next, it is all very much a work in progress I'm not going to lie.  I don't preach perfection because in this house it doesn't exist lol we have a happy family home rather than a show home, it is comfy, cosy and full of love, this works for us.

I have found the one in one out rule very handy, when you purchase one thing something else has to bite the dust to make way for it.  For instance 2 new pairs of pajamas in means 2 holey pairs out or in today's case 4 new mugs in and 4 chipped mugs out.

I buy with a mindset of "where will said new item live", as you can probably guess (if your a regular reader of my blog) that I have a list of things that need purchasing lol yes me with my lists again.  The kids have seen me having a reshuffle of my possessions and have as a result decided to cast an eye over their own.  All of the actions above have meant that I have managed to save money rather than spending it on junk I don't need but have to dust. Win, win I'd say.

This year we are hoping to start paying extra on our mortgage so that we can pay it off quicker and be mortgage free, which was our initial goal so far so good!

Who else has seen simpler living as beneficial to them?

Have fun


Sunday Sunday

Well hello,

Today has been a busy one Sunday's often are in this house.  The kids are back to school tomorrow and I'm back in work, this half term has flown by and I feel I have achieved quite a bit so I'm happy with my progress.

Today Peaches and Pixie went swimming with their dad and granny, whilst Princess and I baked scones.  The first was a disaster but we had fun, the second is currently cooling in the porch (the only cat free room). We will be having it for pudding with Jam and cream mmmh mmmmmh.  It's Sunday roast today for tea, roast beef, potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, heavy, broccoli and peas.

We also bobbed to town to buy J's birthday present (his birthday is next month but needed to collect it in the car plus it's free to park on a Sunday).  He wanted a home brewing kit, eeeek a new hobby this could be fun.  If it turns out welI predict come warmer weather a spruce up of the yard plus a BBQ to go with the home brew.  So many projects, so little time.

Happy Sunday folks


Friday, 19 February 2016

Spring cleaning

Hello there,

Today my thoughts are on spring cleaning, the sun has begun to shine and those little and not so little jobs are beginning to wink at me.  A clear out here a good scrub there.  I have tackled a few more decluttering tasks this week too the desk, under children's beds, kids bookcases, one of my bookcases and charity pile have so far all been tackled.  I'm aiming for clear surfaces in most rooms, the mantelpiece seems a continuous task as its seen as a dumping ground for miscellaneous shite.

This week I've also cleaned the ovens and hob, washed net curtains, wiped all appliances and emptied all dryer filters.  I've also had a little purchase of some new cleaning materials, after all who doesn't love a good degrease.

My aim is to clear out all unused items and scrub down each room and do any touch up painting required and my living room and kitchen need a refresh.  All this however depends on time, energy and money so it may not all get done, however it's all about the journey and so as with the decluttering I shall start in a corner with a list and chip away.  I now face the tricky bit mixing the combination of childcare and decorating this I'm still deliberating lol as I work term time so any decorating is to be done in half term however paint and little people are a messy mix lol.  I'll keep you posted.

Today's task include

* changing kids bedding
* washing pile
* ironing of uniform for next week
* preparing a large block of cheese for the freezer (packed lunch preparation)

Anybody else started spring clean?

Have fun


Thursday, 18 February 2016

A fabulous day out

Well hello,

Today the kids and I had a fabulous day out with my very good friend in Liverpool.  The kids and I travelled for an hour on the train to get there and the train was packed.

We met up with my friend and visited the art gallery and the catholic cathedral candles were lit to St Anthony (a thank you for helping me find a lost item of great importance).  We also had a fabulous afternoon tea (birthday\christmas gift) we had a great chin wag and as always great to have a catch up.

Today's frugal saving was in the train tickets, if you travel after half past nine the price is a lot less and as Pixie is now 5 and so I have to pay for her too any saving is welcome.  I also took with me drinks for the kids and activities for the kids for on the train in case they got bored.

I shall do a separate blog about what I pack in our travels rucksack as I know some people like those.  The rucksack is often a lifesaver as I pack for every eventuality (can you tell I was once a Brownies lol).

Photos below looking a bit windswept but hey at least it's real.

Have fun


Tooth fairy


Little miss Pixie has lost her first tooth, the baby is growing up fast eeeeek.

Dawn x

Monday, 15 February 2016

Making the most of the sunshine

Well hello,

We are on half term here this week and started out with no plans, however things have slotted into place and we have a busy week off ahead lol.  Saturday we visited family and had a nice catch up, we've not seen anybody for ages thanks to illnesses.  Sunday Princess was playing guitar in church, she did really well too.  Today the sun was shining so we wrapped up warm and went to the park in town followed by an ice cream in the cafe.  Below are some photos from our day.

What delights does half term hold for you?

Dawn x

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Bright delights on dark days

Well hello,

I haven't had chance to blog this last week as the days seem to have flown by.  I do have some photos to share and will do so if this tablet stops being so temperamental, it has a life of its own today.  It has been a very wet and gloomy week again here in the UK we have had more wind and rain thanks to yet another storm.  However a break in the rain showers this week produced a fabulous rainbow that seemed to be right over my house (see photos).

I was also invited along to my daughters Brownie unit to show them how to make friendship bracelets, they seemed to love it as it was a bit different to the usual things they do.  Every Brownie is now wearing their own made themselves friendship bracelet.  I really enjoyed teaching them a new skill.

My daughter Peaches has got her name on the working well board (reward at school for hard work) and got a certificate for her Maths work, photo below.  My girls all work so hard they really do me proud.  It's the little things that shine through the dark gloomy rainy days here, without them the gloom seem a bit endless otherwise.

I haven't managed to do any decluttering this week but I haven't had time if I'm honest, I am finally beginning to feel stronger after my bout of illnesses woohoo!

Have fun

Dawn x