Thursday, 18 February 2016

A fabulous day out

Well hello,

Today the kids and I had a fabulous day out with my very good friend in Liverpool.  The kids and I travelled for an hour on the train to get there and the train was packed.

We met up with my friend and visited the art gallery and the catholic cathedral candles were lit to St Anthony (a thank you for helping me find a lost item of great importance).  We also had a fabulous afternoon tea (birthday\christmas gift) we had a great chin wag and as always great to have a catch up.

Today's frugal saving was in the train tickets, if you travel after half past nine the price is a lot less and as Pixie is now 5 and so I have to pay for her too any saving is welcome.  I also took with me drinks for the kids and activities for the kids for on the train in case they got bored.

I shall do a separate blog about what I pack in our travels rucksack as I know some people like those.  The rucksack is often a lifesaver as I pack for every eventuality (can you tell I was once a Brownies lol).

Photos below looking a bit windswept but hey at least it's real.

Have fun