Saturday, 27 February 2016

Another week has flown by

Well hello,

This week once again has flown by, we have had yet another case of illness my poor Princess has come down with tonsillitis and been off school for most of the week, thank goodness I am blessed with a supportive family who have helped my with the school runs and childcare of my poorly poppet so I can go to work, I am very grateful for their help.

Pixie has been working hard at school she has had stickers everyday this week for her work at school and Peaches (the brownie) has got a certificate for her maths work.  Today she has been to the Thinking Day celebrations and had a day of fun with the other Brownies.

It has been so cold this week, I've Put some morning views from outside my windows below.  I have been meaning to blog all week, however life has been hectic and taken over.  All washing and housework has been done, everybody has been cleaned and fed, no decluttering has happened though I've been to busy in what I call survival mode.  Princess is feeling much better now her medicines have kicked in.  Times like this make me realise how lucky we are to have access to medicines and healthcare.

Anyway I'll leave you with a few pictures from the week.

Have fun