Sunday, 7 February 2016

Bright delights on dark days

Well hello,

I haven't had chance to blog this last week as the days seem to have flown by.  I do have some photos to share and will do so if this tablet stops being so temperamental, it has a life of its own today.  It has been a very wet and gloomy week again here in the UK we have had more wind and rain thanks to yet another storm.  However a break in the rain showers this week produced a fabulous rainbow that seemed to be right over my house (see photos).

I was also invited along to my daughters Brownie unit to show them how to make friendship bracelets, they seemed to love it as it was a bit different to the usual things they do.  Every Brownie is now wearing their own made themselves friendship bracelet.  I really enjoyed teaching them a new skill.

My daughter Peaches has got her name on the working well board (reward at school for hard work) and got a certificate for her Maths work, photo below.  My girls all work so hard they really do me proud.  It's the little things that shine through the dark gloomy rainy days here, without them the gloom seem a bit endless otherwise.

I haven't managed to do any decluttering this week but I haven't had time if I'm honest, I am finally beginning to feel stronger after my bout of illnesses woohoo!

Have fun

Dawn x