Sunday, 21 February 2016

Hows the reducing stuff thing going I hear you ask

Well hello,

Thought I'd do a little update.  As you know I'm trying to reduce the amounts of stuff that we own and do not use in this house.  When we first moved in here this was the first time we had ever had a place of our own and other than a few bits given to us e.g. sofas, kitchen items and our newly bought white goods and bed.  We had nothing and our decent sized 3 bed terraced house that needed tons of work doing on it seemed a massive space.

Nearly twelve years later a fair bit of house renovation, three children, 2 rabbits ( sadly no longer with us) and 3 cats the house was beginning to feel a bit too full, cluttered.  I started by getting rid of the baby equipment when Pixie no longer needed it, followed by outgrown toys and clothes.  Then came my wardrobes (I still have more of this to revisit as I am now ready to let go of things unworn for the last decade.  I then took on the shoe cupboards again anything that doesn't fit, hurt feet, couldn't walk in (flat shoes and flip flops).  I now have one shoe cupboard and one shoe rack so I feel we are getting their after all there is 5 of us.

I am now left with the list I posted a little while ago of the other sections of my house that need tackling next, it is all very much a work in progress I'm not going to lie.  I don't preach perfection because in this house it doesn't exist lol we have a happy family home rather than a show home, it is comfy, cosy and full of love, this works for us.

I have found the one in one out rule very handy, when you purchase one thing something else has to bite the dust to make way for it.  For instance 2 new pairs of pajamas in means 2 holey pairs out or in today's case 4 new mugs in and 4 chipped mugs out.

I buy with a mindset of "where will said new item live", as you can probably guess (if your a regular reader of my blog) that I have a list of things that need purchasing lol yes me with my lists again.  The kids have seen me having a reshuffle of my possessions and have as a result decided to cast an eye over their own.  All of the actions above have meant that I have managed to save money rather than spending it on junk I don't need but have to dust. Win, win I'd say.

This year we are hoping to start paying extra on our mortgage so that we can pay it off quicker and be mortgage free, which was our initial goal so far so good!

Who else has seen simpler living as beneficial to them?

Have fun