Sunday, 28 February 2016

Our weekend

Well hello,

Yesterday saw us in town and I collected Peaches' prize a doll outfit (shown below) if you get a certificate at school in this house you get treated with a prize of your choice up to a certain monetary value.

I've also photographed below the crafts that Peaches made at Thinking Day, she had a fantastic time.  Today has mainly included baths and showers all round, fighting the ironing pile (all work and school clothes ready for next week yay).   I have also dug out under Pixie's bed, I haven't had chance to tackle Peaches' bed yet (shakes lol) and I have decluttered a ton of swimming inflatables e.g. arm bands and rubber rings.  These items have all been outgrown by my girls now and no longer serve a purpose to us.  Tomorrow I shall be having a good Hoover underneath that bed and then I shall hopefully be able to make a start on the other bed.

How do you spend your weekends?