Friday, 19 February 2016

Spring cleaning

Hello there,

Today my thoughts are on spring cleaning, the sun has begun to shine and those little and not so little jobs are beginning to wink at me.  A clear out here a good scrub there.  I have tackled a few more decluttering tasks this week too the desk, under children's beds, kids bookcases, one of my bookcases and charity pile have so far all been tackled.  I'm aiming for clear surfaces in most rooms, the mantelpiece seems a continuous task as its seen as a dumping ground for miscellaneous shite.

This week I've also cleaned the ovens and hob, washed net curtains, wiped all appliances and emptied all dryer filters.  I've also had a little purchase of some new cleaning materials, after all who doesn't love a good degrease.

My aim is to clear out all unused items and scrub down each room and do any touch up painting required and my living room and kitchen need a refresh.  All this however depends on time, energy and money so it may not all get done, however it's all about the journey and so as with the decluttering I shall start in a corner with a list and chip away.  I now face the tricky bit mixing the combination of childcare and decorating this I'm still deliberating lol as I work term time so any decorating is to be done in half term however paint and little people are a messy mix lol.  I'll keep you posted.

Today's task include

* changing kids bedding
* washing pile
* ironing of uniform for next week
* preparing a large block of cheese for the freezer (packed lunch preparation)

Anybody else started spring clean?

Have fun