Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Cheap holidays for a family of 5

Hello there,

I'm sat here watching my washing continue to get saturated as it got caught in one to many showers today and it's still raining hard now, I haven't the heart or the inclination to go out there and collect it in.  Whilst sat here I'm thinking about holidays, dreaming of sunnier days and the idea of a holiday away to fresh air away from our usual lead laden sky's. (We live in between 2 main roads that both lead to motorways, heavy traffic both sides and the rumble of articulated lorries lulls me to sleep at night).

I would love a stay away and a change of scenery, on looking at the possibility online I find it quite costly.  Most holidays are set out for families of 4 however there are 5 of us and this often bumps the price up.  Going abroad is out of the question due to cost.

So folks my question is can anyone recommend an inexpensive way for a family of 5 to have a holiday?

Dawn x