Saturday, 19 March 2016

Easter holiday plans

Well hello,

Next week we have three days at work and school until we break up for the Easter holidays.  We then have 2 and a half weeks off, J has most of the Easter weekend off woohoo family time.  The weeks seem to fly by in a whoosh of school, work, homework, housework (basics), after school activities, Church and grocery shops leaving little time for much else except sleep.  The half term therefore I aim to spend doing the things I'd like to be doing e.g. spending time with family and spending time on hobbies.

I have come to enjoy the half terms a chance to breathe out from the day to day routine, rush out the door and spend the majority of the time either on a bus or waiting for a bus.  We may still end up rising early (I have an early bird child) however the rush to get ready and out of the door for a set time is not in the front of our minds. 

I plan on having a bit more of a spring clean (hoping for nicer weather) and I plan on attempting an area on my decluttering list.  On the hobbies side of things I'd like to continue with the artwork changes in my frames in the hallway, I have completed three I have two more to complete and I also have a really interesting book to read.

On the decluttering front I have started on the kids wardrobes and have bought new spring/summer clothes to replace outgrown clothes, the outgrown clothes are now in the charity pile.

What's your Easter plans?