Saturday, 26 March 2016

Easter weekend........

Well hello,

The kids broke up from school on Wednesday afternoon and since then every day has felt like a Saturday.  J has landed on his feet at work and been given a four day weekend woohoo which we were not expecting so yay for some family time.

So far I have had a leisurely start to each morning (usually involves 2 cups of tea and some crochet) which has been bliss followed by cracking on with some of my bigger household jobs on the when I have the time list.  This has seen me bleaching areas in my house that had black mould due to a build up of condensation (bathroom).  A clean down of walls (Hall stairs and landing) followed by a paint touch where needed to keep it all looking clean.  The shoe cabinet in the porch has also received a coat of touch up paint as it was looking a bit scraggy (it does see a lot of life lol).  I still have some touch up painting to do in the playroom and the corner of the bedroom ceiling but that's for another day.  I've started spring clean blitzing or should that be continued lol and started to attack my bedroom. 

I have a list of half term jobs I wish to complete in the house.  I just wish we had nicer weather as the washing basket is full and I want to take down nets and curtains and give them a scrub but it will have to wait until I can peg out washing on the line.

Does anybody watch obsessive compulsive cleaners?  I watch this on iPlayer as my motivation. 

Hope your having a good Easter weekend, don't forget the clocks go forward an hour tonight if your based in the UK.