Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Half term crowd pleaser

Well hello,

Today the kids and I made a family favourite/crowd pleaser.  The kids once again received a generous amount of eggs from the Easter bunny (around 30 all in all).  So what did we do with some of the lovely, generous chocolate gifts? We made a big Easter nest and decorated it with mini eggs (all part of the Easter egg goodies).

Big Easter Nest


3 Chocolate Easter Eggs
   Frosted Flakes
1 Tablespoon of Oil (we used coconut)
   Mini Eggs


Melt crunched up chocolate in a large glass bowl with a tablespoon of oil in the microwave till molten.

Add frosted flakes (what we had in the cupboard but most cereal would do). Add enough to allow complete chocolate covering a little bashing of the frosted flakes helps here.

When completely covered spoon into large cake case and flatten down.

Add mini eggs to decorate and chill.

When cool cut into slices and enjoy.

Chocolate was from the Easter Egg mountain in the corner of the kitchen, Frosted flakes were from Aldi.  We used Coconut oil as that was what I had in sunflower etc would also be fine, the mini eggs came with the Easter Egg.

This crowd pleaser was made with few skills, utensils and kids love to have a go too with the non hot jobs.  I am by no means a fancy cook but what I make puts smiles on faces!  Everything we used we already had in the cupboards as we're due to do a big shop tonight so finishing up what we already have.

Simple, frugal, fun