Friday, 29 April 2016

Family life, a week of full on madness

Hello everyone,

This week has definitely been an eventful one that's for sure.  A part of me is glad it is the weekend.  The weather has been pure madness, we have experienced four seasons of every weather each day.  During the week J lost his keys on the way too work and only realised when he got home at night and couldn't get in, eeeek! We had to change the locks on all our external doors.  Today Pixie has come down with Chicken Pox (again) the poor love has had it twice now.

We also were stuck on a bus for an hour during the week due to a crash, thankfully nobody was seriously hurt.  It has been a constant whirl of madness this week and I'm glad it is not only the weekend but bank holiday weekend woohoo an extra day to chill/ get extra jobs done/recover from chicken pox.

I'm hoping for a relaxed weekend lol.

Have fun


Saturday, 23 April 2016

Weeks that fly by...

Well hello,

Yet another week has flown by far too quickly lol.  My week has been a continuous blur of school runs, work, housework, after school clubs, trip to the dentist, meetings and we even managed to squeeze in a visit to a friends house after school one night.

Today has taken a more laid back vibe and and involved shopping.  I use to love shopping once upon a time but now I have to be in the mood lol.  So off we all trotted to town firstly to take Peaches for an eye test we are lucky in the UK as children receive both a free eye test and free glasses.  We will be back to collect her glasses next week, Peaches is very excited luckily for me she likes wearing her glasses.

Princess is being Confirmed this year and today we have tried on dresses and ordered hers plus bought her shoes to go with it (can't believe my little girl is growing up so quick).  We're hoping to collect her dress next week, I still have a cardigan and tights to get to go with it to complete her outfit (which I'll order online).  Life is really busy at the moment for me but it's all good stuff.

Peaches is off on a residential school trip too soon so I have bought the things she needs for that, it is her first time away from home without her parents and I know I will miss her like mad and she will love it climbing up mountains and in waterfalls.  I do feel for the teachers though as Peaches is a Lark, she starts the dawn chorus lol plus talks in her sleep.

So other than the credit card being very much in demand this week has been a good one.

Have fun

Dawn x

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Making the credit card work for you

Well hello,

Today I thought I would tell you about how I am making my credit card work for me. 

Firstly the credit card I use is one that gives you cash back every time you make a purchase.  Cash back is paid in December which is really handy for Christmas (an expensive time for us).

I have linked my card to Quidco which means every time I shop at certain retailers I get paid even more cash back through my Quidco account.

My Quidco referral link is;

If you too would like to start earning cash back too.

When I have finished my shopping trip either online or in store I pay the money equivalent of what I have spent on my card into my joint account so the money is there to pay the credit card bill in full and therefore clearing the balance in full each month without incurring any interest.

I no longer use my debit card for any card purchases.

Simples (as the meerkat says)


Sunday, 10 April 2016

Back to school

Well hello,

Today we are getting ready for the return to school tomorrow, the sun is shining here so the washing is on the line and a second load is whizzing away as I type.  The kids are gathering together anything they may need, homework, PE kits, trainers.  Tonight everyone will be showered and in bed earlier than they have been during the holidays, packed lunches will be made and put in the fridge and school uniforms will be laid out ready for the morning.

I have filled my to do lists in the diary, including any changes to after school clubs.  This term we have music group, felting club, Brownies and confirmation classes.  I have written my meal plans for each day and anything additional extra I have to remember.  I currently feel in control and organised lets see how long it lasts lol.

Right now the jobs are more or less completed this afternoon we are off out for a walk in the lovely spring sunshine to get some most welcome vitamin D.

Anyone else gearing up for a return to school or a change in routine?


Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Well hello,
Today I am stuck in waiting to receive a delivery from Argos and I decided to tackle another little something on the decluttering list.  I tackled 2 cupboards in the kitchen both are under the sink and stuff never really gets put away properly.  The before photos would not look out of place in a shock documentary of hoarders from hell lol.  Here are the finished cupboards all scrubbed out and decluttered, feeling proud of what can be achieved in half an hour when your bored.

Anyone else decluttering today?

Monday, 4 April 2016

5 Low Cost Ways To Avoid The "I'm Bored" Whine

Well hello,

All parents have been there me included.  It's the half term holidays, parents filled with dread at the pending "I'm bored" whine they often get met with.

Here are 5 lo cost ways to avoid hearing cries of I'm bored.

1. Use the internet to see if anything is going on locally, e.g. free festivals or events.

2. Invite a friend to play (sometimes this is reciprocated, woohoo)

3. Take a ball to the park, let the kids have a run about and burn up some of that excess energy.

4. Take a trip to the local library/gallery/museum, most are free to get in and many lay on activities for kids in the school holidays.

5. An excellent rainy day activity, have a make and bake day, get the craft stuff out or bake cakes or biscuits together using what you already have in the cupboards.

Just because it is the holidays it doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune to keep the kids entertained, in my experience most kids are content with a picnic and a play in the park.  This can usually be achieved nearby and cost very little.

Have fun


Friday, 1 April 2016

Aldi Easy Home Steam Mop Review

Well hello,

This morning the door bell rang and when I opened it there was a delivery man stood there clutching a Steam Mop.  I had ordered this Easy Home Steam Mop from Aldi online.  It cost £24.99 with free delivery.

Everything is included inside the box (including) 2 microfibre base covers and a carpet glider (with some steam mops the carpet glider has to be purchased separately).

It is easy to put together (two screws to hold it together, requiring a crosshead screw driver to secure).

Easy to use and lightweight.  So far I have used it to clean my kitchen and bathroom floors which are linoleum and my porch floor which is tiled.  

Thoroughly recommend this product easy to use, lightweight, compact and a bargain at £24.99 with free delivery which was quick as they only went on sale yesterday.

As we are a family of 5 (including 3 young children) plus 3 cats the floors need to be cleaned daily and I felt the steam mop did an excellent job.