Monday, 4 April 2016

5 Low Cost Ways To Avoid The "I'm Bored" Whine

Well hello,

All parents have been there me included.  It's the half term holidays, parents filled with dread at the pending "I'm bored" whine they often get met with.

Here are 5 lo cost ways to avoid hearing cries of I'm bored.

1. Use the internet to see if anything is going on locally, e.g. free festivals or events.

2. Invite a friend to play (sometimes this is reciprocated, woohoo)

3. Take a ball to the park, let the kids have a run about and burn up some of that excess energy.

4. Take a trip to the local library/gallery/museum, most are free to get in and many lay on activities for kids in the school holidays.

5. An excellent rainy day activity, have a make and bake day, get the craft stuff out or bake cakes or biscuits together using what you already have in the cupboards.

Just because it is the holidays it doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune to keep the kids entertained, in my experience most kids are content with a picnic and a play in the park.  This can usually be achieved nearby and cost very little.

Have fun