Friday, 29 April 2016

Family life, a week of full on madness

Hello everyone,

This week has definitely been an eventful one that's for sure.  A part of me is glad it is the weekend.  The weather has been pure madness, we have experienced four seasons of every weather each day.  During the week J lost his keys on the way too work and only realised when he got home at night and couldn't get in, eeeek! We had to change the locks on all our external doors.  Today Pixie has come down with Chicken Pox (again) the poor love has had it twice now.

We also were stuck on a bus for an hour during the week due to a crash, thankfully nobody was seriously hurt.  It has been a constant whirl of madness this week and I'm glad it is not only the weekend but bank holiday weekend woohoo an extra day to chill/ get extra jobs done/recover from chicken pox.

I'm hoping for a relaxed weekend lol.

Have fun