Sunday, 17 April 2016

Making the credit card work for you

Well hello,

Today I thought I would tell you about how I am making my credit card work for me. 

Firstly the credit card I use is one that gives you cash back every time you make a purchase.  Cash back is paid in December which is really handy for Christmas (an expensive time for us).

I have linked my card to Quidco which means every time I shop at certain retailers I get paid even more cash back through my Quidco account.

My Quidco referral link is;

If you too would like to start earning cash back too.

When I have finished my shopping trip either online or in store I pay the money equivalent of what I have spent on my card into my joint account so the money is there to pay the credit card bill in full and therefore clearing the balance in full each month without incurring any interest.

I no longer use my debit card for any card purchases.

Simples (as the meerkat says)