Friday, 1 April 2016

Aldi Easy Home Steam Mop Review

Well hello,

This morning the door bell rang and when I opened it there was a delivery man stood there clutching a Steam Mop.  I had ordered this Easy Home Steam Mop from Aldi online.  It cost £24.99 with free delivery.

Everything is included inside the box (including) 2 microfibre base covers and a carpet glider (with some steam mops the carpet glider has to be purchased separately).

It is easy to put together (two screws to hold it together, requiring a crosshead screw driver to secure).

Easy to use and lightweight.  So far I have used it to clean my kitchen and bathroom floors which are linoleum and my porch floor which is tiled.  

Thoroughly recommend this product easy to use, lightweight, compact and a bargain at £24.99 with free delivery which was quick as they only went on sale yesterday.

As we are a family of 5 (including 3 young children) plus 3 cats the floors need to be cleaned daily and I felt the steam mop did an excellent job.