Saturday, 23 April 2016

Weeks that fly by...

Well hello,

Yet another week has flown by far too quickly lol.  My week has been a continuous blur of school runs, work, housework, after school clubs, trip to the dentist, meetings and we even managed to squeeze in a visit to a friends house after school one night.

Today has taken a more laid back vibe and and involved shopping.  I use to love shopping once upon a time but now I have to be in the mood lol.  So off we all trotted to town firstly to take Peaches for an eye test we are lucky in the UK as children receive both a free eye test and free glasses.  We will be back to collect her glasses next week, Peaches is very excited luckily for me she likes wearing her glasses.

Princess is being Confirmed this year and today we have tried on dresses and ordered hers plus bought her shoes to go with it (can't believe my little girl is growing up so quick).  We're hoping to collect her dress next week, I still have a cardigan and tights to get to go with it to complete her outfit (which I'll order online).  Life is really busy at the moment for me but it's all good stuff.

Peaches is off on a residential school trip too soon so I have bought the things she needs for that, it is her first time away from home without her parents and I know I will miss her like mad and she will love it climbing up mountains and in waterfalls.  I do feel for the teachers though as Peaches is a Lark, she starts the dawn chorus lol plus talks in her sleep.

So other than the credit card being very much in demand this week has been a good one.

Have fun

Dawn x