Monday, 23 May 2016

Monday madness and living in my dreams

Well hello,

Cannot believe Monday is nearly over already only got another three days at work this week until we break up for half term, the weeks are zooming by.  Tomorrow we have school fund raising day and Peaches and I have just iced a batch of cakes and made little flags to go on top.  The theme is countries around the world and each year group is given a country.  Peaches is learning about Trinidad, Pixie is learning about New Zealand and Princess is learning about the Maldives.  Quite frankly I'd settle for a flight to any of these locations at the moment lol, could do with a bit of sunshine.

My dream would be a holiday in Spain however I cannot see it in my head future, ah well we can dream. (Reaches for holiday brochures).

Is anybody else jetting off on holiday? If so where.