Saturday, 25 June 2016

Saving Up

Well hello,

Here at thrift world the Poundshop Princess is tightening the purse strings.  Are you saving up for anything in particular you ask? Well yes I am I reply.

We are currently saving up for a new to us car, a few weeks ago our car was caved in down one side by a passing work van.  It was all a bit of a nightmare really and a few other things are beginning to drop off it too so it is time to search for a new one.

After a few weeks of spending on school holidays, school trips, Pixie and Peaches birthday (next week) I am now reigning the spending in so that we can save some pennies.  I have a few more outlays to fork out for yet such as car insurance (already saved for) new school uniform (already saved for, will be buying this in next few weeks) and spends for our annual holiday (already saved for).  Forward planning really is the name of the game to money saving and budgeting that and research. 

School uniforms will be purchased from Tesco's I buy uniform from there every year and it washes and wears well.  I collect the club card points from Tesco and the plan is to get vouchers to patch for days out.

We have three and a half weeks left of the school year so I am currently on the search for things to do in the summer holidays to keep the kids entertained.

Do you have any plans for the summer holidays?

Have fun