Saturday, 30 July 2016

School holidays 2016

Well Hello,

It's been a quiet week here all in all, the weather has been hit and miss and we have had our fair share of rain.  I have been mainly tackling the to do list jobs in a leisurely manner whilst the kids play (throw toys across the carpet and leave them for people to stand on). 

We have returned the guitar Princess had borrowed from the music service, she has her own guitar for next year's lessons so that's one of less to trip on in the bedroom lol.

On Wednesday I took the kids to summer session at church.  They are running a one hour session of fun each Wednesday doing a different activity each week, last week it was junk modeling (making monsters) we made a Tiger out of recycling, it was fabulous we loved it.

I have made a large rice crispy cake this week too with added Rollos for caramel gumminess, the kids loved it and I packed a slab up for J for work (a nice sweet treat when your working a long shift).

Other than that it has mainly been a week of fighting the ironing pile, searching for new meal ideas and feet up with a book time.

Hope your having a good summer?

Dawn x

Friday, 22 July 2016

What have you done today to make you feel proud

Well Hello,

As the song goes "What have you done today to make you feel proud". Heather Small.

Today I feel that I am cooking with gas, I have made another years supply of laundry liquid (the best cleaner I have ever used), emptied two files of old unneeded documents from yester year, booked an appointment I needed to book and next on my to do list for today is to cut up the old school t shirts for cleaning cloths and pog the buttons for my button box.

What have you achieved today?


Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Last day of term

Well hello,

Today in the UK many schools break up for the long six week summer holidays, a mix of emotions of happiness (no more school runs) and sadness (missing friends) all around.  I have one little girl who won't be experiencing the last day of school today as she's got a high temperature and not well enough for school.  The calpol has kicked in finally and is slowly reducing her temperature. 

Meanwhile in the weather.....

Yesterday we hit highs of 29 degrees which may not sound hot to some of my overseas readers but here in the UK we don't experience highs like that very often, so when we do it knocks us flat.

After a night of very little sleep due to it being too hot, the fan wafted hot air round whilst making a racquet that would wake even the deepest of sleeper.  I had a breakfast table full of sleepy faces this morning and a poorly one to boot. 

Never mind kids only one more day to go!

Who else melted in the heat yesterday?


Sunday, 17 July 2016

Pretty kitty (my first you tube video)

Fun at Church

Hiya everyone,

Today Princess and I went to church, as part of Sunday School they made bread dough with the instruction of leave it for an hour to rise, knock it down and bake it in the oven.  So guess what we did?  I've posted the before and after photos below.

At Sunday School they really do bring out the element of fun, lots of laughter could be heard and the kids loved it.

Hope your having a good Sunday.


Saturday, 16 July 2016

And back on track.... decluttering

Well hello,

Today I'm back to being Miss Organised (peeps out from piles of clutter all around.  I have been out and purchased the bulk of the school uniform needed for September, it is still all bagged and waiting to be washed, ironed and labelled.  (This is a summer holiday job).

I've culled all unnecessary uniform (only three days left to go, come Wednesday all the old t shirts will be cut up for cleaning cloths/rags).

Teachers cards and presents have been sorted, all washing has been done.  It's the final push for the last part of the school year.  I have decluttered 10 books off my bookcase and decluttered 2 children's wardrobes.  (I feel refreshed as a result)
I still have much more decluttering to do and so much I hope to achieve in the summer holidays.

Who else is decluttering?


Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Another term is ending another just beginning

Well hello,

It's that time of year, we don't have much of the school year left (we break up a week today) as every year it is time to take stock and make a list of what uniform I need ready for September.  Today I have ordered 3 school cardigans (one each) as a starter to my back to school haul, it cost me £37 just for that.  In the next few weeks I shall order from Tesco the remainder of the required uniform (I collect the club card points to turn into vouchers for free days out).  Tesco have just sent me codes for £8 off a £40 shop so this week's shop has been ordered online from Tesco utilising their £1 delivery slots.  I spend less ordering online as I have no pester power going on lol to buy sugared junk.  We are currently eating down the freezer (it needs defrosting soon, most hated task!).  I plan to get my baking mojo back in the holidays too as life has taken over at the moment and I need to feed my hollow legged, growing children without it breaking the bank.  I shall be sharing our Summer Holiday journey as usual and hopefully a few costings too.

What's everyone got planned for the summer hols, answer in the comments below?

Dawn x

Share a story

Well hello,

I'm sure that everybody has times where life gets a little hectic, times when our minds need a break and I find when life gets like this taking a little bit of time out to read a book helps to restore your equilibrium.

Here is the book I'm currently enjoying.  I bought it last year to take away on holiday and never got chance to read it, like you do lol.  Has anybody else read it? I'm half way through at the moment but it's a fabulous read so far.

Who is your favourite authors?  Anybody else like to loose themselves in a good book?

Dawn x

Monday, 11 July 2016

Feeling Proud

Well hello,

Today I'm having a bit of reflection.  I am feeling proud mostly of my girls. 

Princess has been chosen to represent year 5 of her school in a spelling bee against other schools in the local area.  Yesterday at church Princess and Peaches took part in the music group leading the church service.  Pixie happily took on the part of the birthday box (she grinned from ear to ear). 

The last two weeks Peaches and Pixie have had certificates from school for good work and on Friday I read their school reports.  I am very proud of my girls to say the least.

What makes you proud?

Dawn x