Saturday, 16 July 2016

And back on track.... decluttering

Well hello,

Today I'm back to being Miss Organised (peeps out from piles of clutter all around.  I have been out and purchased the bulk of the school uniform needed for September, it is still all bagged and waiting to be washed, ironed and labelled.  (This is a summer holiday job).

I've culled all unnecessary uniform (only three days left to go, come Wednesday all the old t shirts will be cut up for cleaning cloths/rags).

Teachers cards and presents have been sorted, all washing has been done.  It's the final push for the last part of the school year.  I have decluttered 10 books off my bookcase and decluttered 2 children's wardrobes.  (I feel refreshed as a result)
I still have much more decluttering to do and so much I hope to achieve in the summer holidays.

Who else is decluttering?