Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Another term is ending another just beginning

Well hello,

It's that time of year, we don't have much of the school year left (we break up a week today) as every year it is time to take stock and make a list of what uniform I need ready for September.  Today I have ordered 3 school cardigans (one each) as a starter to my back to school haul, it cost me £37 just for that.  In the next few weeks I shall order from Tesco the remainder of the required uniform (I collect the club card points to turn into vouchers for free days out).  Tesco have just sent me codes for £8 off a £40 shop so this week's shop has been ordered online from Tesco utilising their £1 delivery slots.  I spend less ordering online as I have no pester power going on lol to buy sugared junk.  We are currently eating down the freezer (it needs defrosting soon, most hated task!).  I plan to get my baking mojo back in the holidays too as life has taken over at the moment and I need to feed my hollow legged, growing children without it breaking the bank.  I shall be sharing our Summer Holiday journey as usual and hopefully a few costings too.

What's everyone got planned for the summer hols, answer in the comments below?

Dawn x