Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Last day of term

Well hello,

Today in the UK many schools break up for the long six week summer holidays, a mix of emotions of happiness (no more school runs) and sadness (missing friends) all around.  I have one little girl who won't be experiencing the last day of school today as she's got a high temperature and not well enough for school.  The calpol has kicked in finally and is slowly reducing her temperature. 

Meanwhile in the weather.....

Yesterday we hit highs of 29 degrees which may not sound hot to some of my overseas readers but here in the UK we don't experience highs like that very often, so when we do it knocks us flat.

After a night of very little sleep due to it being too hot, the fan wafted hot air round whilst making a racquet that would wake even the deepest of sleeper.  I had a breakfast table full of sleepy faces this morning and a poorly one to boot. 

Never mind kids only one more day to go!

Who else melted in the heat yesterday?