Saturday, 12 November 2016

New Storage Gizmo

Well hello,

My new storage gizmo has turned up this week and as a result I have been busy with my kitchen cupboard rejig.  The storage gizmo is actually a shoe storage system that you hang on the inside of wardrobe doors but here it does an excellent job as a cleaning products tidy that hangs on the door of the cupboard under my stairs.

This meant I had a free cupboard (previously unheard of in this house lol).  This cupboard now contains bottles of drink of which we have a few.  This in turn leaves space in another cupboard so that the bread and cereals can now be housed here.  Now one of my counter tops is completely clear of everything that is not required to be there.  The only items left are a kettle, toaster, slow cooker (in use), chopping boards and a pan stand.

The storage solution cost me £4.99 off eBay with free delivery and has been a success in organising a messy area.  Much recommended!

Well I best dash there's the washer to empty and dusting to be done.

Have fun