Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Tackling the tut

Well hello,

I have been having a rethink regarding the storage situation in my kitchen.  The kitchen is in definite need of  a good rejig so that I can use the space in my cupboards more effectively and have less tut out on the units.  I sat there the other day and decided to draw out my kitchen and stated what will go into each cupboard.  Today I have started in the big cupboard under the stairs, it is usually a place where tut goes to die.  It has all now been brushed, mopped and re organised now a walkway has been made and everything can be accessed.  I love a good old ruthless throw out don't you?

I am waiting for a storage item to turn up in the post that I got off eBay, that I'm hoping will transform my cleaning cupboard into a new storage space.  On another note Royal Mail had a parcel for me today but couldn't be bothered to knock on the door so just shoved a collection note through for the sorting office (nightmare at this time of year) bet it's my storage solution! Arghhh don't you just hate it when that happened.

I will show you the storage item when I finally receive it.