Monday, 5 December 2016

Monday Musings

Well hello,

Only three weeks left to Christmas eeeek!  Has everyone got everything ready?  I haven't as yet in fact my tree is not yet up or a single Christmas card written.  Pixie has a part in Nativity so I'm looking forward to that next week and Peaches is taking part in the Christmas service in church too so we have so much to look forward too and enjoy.  Hopefully these things will make me feel festive because as of yet I don't.

It's a bit nippy here today when I came home from work at lunchtime I enjoyed homemade spicy tomato soup from the freezer packed with veg, herbs and spices.  It worked a treat at thawing me out lol.

The light is now fading, the night will soon be drawing in.  The candles on the hearth have been lit and a mug of tea at my side.