Saturday, 3 December 2016

Weekend prep

Well hello,

Today I thought I would share my weekend prep that I do to ensure the weekdays (which are hectic during term time) run smoothly.

The weekend here starts at 4pm Friday, the washer goes on the first load contains lunch bags on a short wash.  They take a while to dry so they are washed first.  Second wash is dark stuff (uniforms and work clothes).  They are all put airers to be dried over night.

Saturday jobs include:

Light wash in washing machine compiling of school tops and underwear, today we had a 2nd light wash of kids bedding.  All light wash goes into the tumble dryer at this time of year. 
All underwear is put away by Princess.
We sometimes go to town on Saturday, or visit family.  On days when we go out we have a slow cooker tea (usually a chicken curry with rice and naan our, fakeaway) today's fakeaway is chicken and chips which is currently in the oven.
While this cooks I prepared sandwiches for the week with the exception  Of Friday which is treat day, they have a sausage roll.  This was my most hated morning task, it's so much easier to prep everything in one go and pop it in the freezer.
Saturday night involves ironing the dreaded school uniforms with pleated skirts and work clothes.

Sunday (my fun day)
Sunday's are started easily with a cup of tea, except on church days.  If I don't have college work I tend to bake with the kids or do something creative.  I make sure everything is sorted and ready to go for Monday morning.  Everybody has a shower and are to bed at a decent time ready for school.

I clean as I go during the week and if I have a bit of time on Sundays I will do a little decluttering.  I was really good last Sunday and made a start on decluttering the living room bookcase.

Hope you all have a good weekend